I designed and developed an eLearning module for CNJ Technology to implement the new hiring procedure that will increase the quality of candidates hired.

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Problem:  CNJ Technology has seen a 40% decrease in hiring the best candidates.  The company needs to hire 2000 new members for the technical team this year.  Currently, the company is struggling with the quality and quantity of their hiring process.  

Solution:  An eLearning module was developed to explain the new hiring procedure for recruiting the best candidates.  HR recruiters and hiring managers need to work together to find and hire the best candidate for the position.

Tools: Articulate Storyline 360, WellSaid Labs, Snagit, PowerPoint, Canva

Highlights: Scenario based questions, accordion interactions, variables, infographics, layers, and states.

About the Project:

The Recruiting New Hires eLearning course was created to showcase a real-world problem-solving learning experience.  First, I started with a needs analysis, asking questions to understand the desired outcome, which included the target audience and knowledge and skill gaps. Then, a business goal was developed with measurable learning objectives to implement the new hiring procedure.   A design document was created with an overview for the course.  I wrote the voice over script and designed the storyboard, which incorporated feedback.  Once approved, I developed the course in Articulate Storyline 360 with WellSaid Labs for the voice over.  To evaluate the learner's success, scenario based questions were assessed with feedback.  A job aid was developed for reference.

Business Goal:   The hiring committee will implement the new hiring procedure that will increase the quality of candidates hired by 20% by the end of the fiscal year.

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Needs Analysis

Design Document


Voice Over Script

Job Aid