I designed and developed one of the topics (What is Impostor Syndrome?) for the company's monthly health and wellness series.

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Problem:  CNJ Technology is promoting employee health and wellness in their work environment.  The company wants to bring awareness to their health and wellness program.  The Wellness Committee has identified 12 topics to focus on. 

Solution:  The overall purpose of the individual microlearning trainings is to increase awareness for the health and wellness program. 

Tools: 7 Taps, Canva

Highlights: Engaging GIFs, quotes, questions, and AI video

About the Project:

What is Impostor Syndrome? microlearning course was created as part of CNJ Technology's health and wellness program.  First, a needs analysis was connected to understand the desired outcome for their health and wellness series.  After discussing different solutions, 12 short interactive courses were agreed upon.   A design document was created with an overview of the overall purpose of the individual microlearning trainings.  I researched Impostor Syndrome and designed the storyboard for each of the chapters to include:  What is Impostor Syndrome?, different types, how it holds us back, overcoming, and positive mindful messages.  The course was developed in 7 Taps using animations, interactive GIFs, and quotes that were developed in Canva.  An evaluation plan was developed for department managers to survey their team on the Health and Wellness program after 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.  Department Managers will gather data on PTO used, work performance, and productivity after all modules have been implemented and will track and celebrate progress toward workplace and department goals. 

Business Goal:   CNJ Technology will develop a series of engaging health and wellness courses to increase employee wellness, productivity, and engagement. 

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Design Document